Yearly Job Evaluation

A yearly job evaluation is an exercise in analysis and assessment which is conducted by both the employer and the employee in order to analyze the latter’s performance in the duration of a year, and the contribution of the former in that performance. A yearly job evaluation is extremely important as it provides a detailed account of the employee’s performance in the span of a year.

Sample Yearly Job Evaluations:

Yearly job evaluation conducted by: Arc Lights Pvt. Ltd.

Date of conducting the yearly job evaluation: 1st January 2011 [evaluation for 2010]

Employee whose job performance is being evaluated: Marshall Hendricks

Evaluating completed by: Sarah Rogers

1. In what way has the employee contributed significantly to the company and its output in the period from March 2011 to March 2012?

(a) Through completion of important projects within the deadlines and budget determined

(b) By ensuring that innovative content and ideas are introduced into his work

2. On a scale of ten, how would you, as the employer, rate the performance of the employee in the year span mentioned?

(a) 0-4

(b) 5-7

(c) 8-10

3. Has the employee managed to achieve the goals which had been outlined after the last yearly job evaluation?

(a) Yes, the employee has successfully achieved all the goals which had been chalked out for him earlier

(b) No, the employee has failed to achieve any of the goals which had been proposed for him

4. How would you rate the following qualities of the employee on a scale of ten?

(a) Discipline

(b) Team spirit

(c) Dedication to the company

5. Do you propose to add promotions and increments as an incentive to the employee for his performance in this yearly span? ______________________________________________

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