Yearly Evaluation Form

A yearly evaluation form can be regarding almost any subject. It can be a yearly evaluation of a contract, a course at school, a restaurant or a business. Whatever the case may be, a yearly evaluation form must be concise and purposive. It must be objective and designed in a manner to help evaluators answer the questions in an easy and informative manner. The completed form must be accorded the respect it deserves.

Sample Yearly Evaluation Form

Below is the yearly evaluation form for every course that is offered at the University of Michigan, by the Faculty of Arts. We take this evaluation process very seriously and hence students are advised to answer all questions to the best of their abilities. Names must not be added as this evaluation is an anonymous one.

Name of course: ____________________________________

Class: ___________________________ Semester: _________________________

Course coordinator: _______________________ Course duration: ______________________

1. Have all the modules proposed by the course coordinator at the beginning of the course been covered in an adequate manner?

2. How would you rate this course on a scale of ten?

(1) 0-4

(2) 5-8

(3) 8-10

3. Was your course coordinator willing to answer any doubts you may have had? Was he or she available outside the classroom to discuss academic matters?

(1) Yes, s/he was always available and willing to answer our questions

(2) S/he was willing to answer our questions but was not easily available outside the classroom

(3) S/he did not encourage us to ask questions and was not available beyond the stipulated class hours.

4. Is the course relevant to your field of study? _________________________________

5. Was the course structure adequate in covering all the required areas in the subject?

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