Yearly Employee Evaluation

Yearly employee evaluation is an appraisement used for evaluating the overall performance of an employee on yearly basis. This kind of a document could be beneficial for both the employee and the employer as it helps to gauge the improvement in an employee when compared with the previous year.

Sample Yearly Employee Evaluation

Name of the employee: Ricks Peterson

Organization name: Royals Food and Beverage Company

Employee id: 57687879

Purpose of the evaluation: Yearly employee evaluation for 2011

Date of conducting the evaluation: 1st June 2011

Please answer the following options carefully. Remember your answers are valuable for our yearly evaluation process of human resources.

1. Do you feel any new changes after the last evaluation?

a. Yes very much. Things have changed from both the ends

b. May be didn’t have the time to observe

c. Not at all. It’s still the same.

2. How many recent opportunities you have received from the side of organization?

a. Enormous opportunities since last evaluation.

b. Didn’t find anything new, but yes may be there is some change

c. No changes at all

3. How much will you rate your performance status on a scale of 10?

a. 0-4

b. 5-8

c. 8-10

4. What are the hindrances you faced while progressing on your job?

a. Do not receive right opportunity

b. There are few shortcoming in me which I need to improve

c. Don’t know the reason exactly

d. Some other reason specify _________________________________

5. Rate your relationship with the concern employer on a scale of 10?


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