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Regardless of the topic or the reason behind conducting a particular workshop, gathering feedback is very essential. This help to analyze the performance of the participants and impact of the workshop efficiently. Through workshop evaluation if it is found to be a successful one then chances of organizing similar kind of events increases in future.

Such kind of evaluation documents are needed to construct in question answer types as this is treated to be a broader approach to find out the exact answer that an evaluator is looking for. The question should be so designed that it must focus on every aspect of the workshop. However, one should remember that brevity in the evaluation document could help in fetching more responses from participants.

This kind of evaluation documents is designed in three formats depending on the kind of workshop.

Standard Format: In this format, questions are framed seeking feedback and suggestion after the completion of the workshop. This evaluation format is generally presented after conference, group events or programs etc. This is a traditional tool for reviewing and it analyzes through demographic data.

Positive evaluation format: This format can be clubbed with traditional standard format as well. On this format, questions are so constructed that it focuses on positive aspects of a particular workshop and pervading messages through the critics feedbacks. Questions are also asked for suggestions that a participant or an audience is looking for in the upcoming workshops.

Three questions evaluation: One of the quick workshop evaluation techniques is the three questions evaluation. This is the best way to evaluate a multiday conference where three questions are provided to the participant on each day. These questions are related to the event of the particular day. This is a comprehensive workshop evaluation tool for analyzing the satisfaction and acceptance of people regarding a particular workshop.

At this site you can browse through wide range of sample workshop evaluations.

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