Workshop Evaluation Template

A workshop evaluation template is a guide to the correct formulation of a workshop evaluation. Any workshop will thrive on participant feedback. It is extremely necessary to get their viewpoint as only then can the needed changes be incorporated. Thus a workshop evaluation template is the best way to get constructive criticism.

Sample Workshop Evaluation Template

Workshop Evaluation by Participants

Nature of workshop: _____________________________________ [Mention the nature and the type of workshop]

Days [Mention the dates of the workshop]: __________________________

Workshop conducted by: _________________________________________ [Provide the necessary introductory details]

Answer all questions as clearly and honestly as you can. Names need not be mentioned. We promise to look into complaints and we express gratitude if we have met your expectations.

What, according to you, were the best features of this workshop? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

[Mention the high points of the workshop]

Do you think the workshop trained you sufficiently, in the short period, in the art that it promised to do? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

[Mention if the workshop delivered on its promises and provided valuable and effective training despite time constraints]

What skills have you imbibed form this workshop that you believe will stand you in good stead? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

[Enlist the specific areas where training was provided and the quality of the training]

Was the cost of the workshop satisfactory in your opinion? ______________________________________________________________________________

[Mention if the workshop could make any changes in its costing or whether the prices charged were satisfactory]

Mention what changes can be made to the workshop structure which would benefit participants? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

[Provide any suggestions for improvement if necessary]

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