Workshop Evaluation Format

A workshop evaluation is a necessary step in the process of introspection and review. No workshop can be complete without feedback from organizers and participants and thus a workshop evaluation format is the best way to document the viewpoints out forth at the end of the workshop itself. It identified any shortcomings and proposes plans to rectify mistakes.

Sample Workshop Evaluation Format

Name of workshop: ____________________________

Date of submission of workshop evaluation report: _______________________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph of a workshop evaluation format must include information regarding the workshop being evaluated. If the evaluation is in the form of questions, this section must precede the start of the questions. The nature of the workshop directly influences the nature of workshop evaluation being conducted. The person whose opinion is being taken into account must also specify his or her personal information and professional capacity.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph of a workshop evaluation format must include questions which are direct, relevant and concerned with a myriad aspect of the workshop. They should be pointed and unambiguous so that they elicit similarly unambiguous answers from the people whose opinions are being registered. The workshop evaluation format must be clear about its purpose and the benefits derived from such an exercise must also be mentioned.

Third Paragraph: The third paragraph of a workshop evaluation format must form a fitting conclusion. The steps taken to rectify the mistakes brought to notice in the workshop evaluation must be mentioned and efforts should be made to channelize the findings of the workshop evaluation in a positive direction.

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