Workshop Evaluation Form

A workshop evaluation form is a particular document that explores the success of the activities conducted in a particular workshop and the overall effect of such a practice in educating and grooming individuals, or whatever other purpose it might be of. The evaluation should assess the areas of weakness also, so as to enable the authorities to design a better workshop in the future.

Sample Workshop Evaluation Form

Name of workshop attendant: ____________________________________________________

Age: _______ years

Sex: ________ [M/ F]

Workshop for: ______________________________________

Purpose of workshop: The workshop is being conducted to involve people in art. They will be taught various forms of art – dance, music, painting, drama, etc. so as to spread them among many others later on.

Mention your area of learning: _____________________

Evaluation done by: ___________________________________________________________

Date of evaluation: _________________

Please provide us with proper details for the evaluation.

1. Do you find the workshop satisfactory?

a)   Highly satisfactory.

b)   I am fine with it, but some improvements are expected.

c)   I am highly unsatisfied.

[If your answer is (b) or (c), mention the defects and suggest development: _______________________________________________________________________]

2. Are all faculty members cooperative?

a)   Yes all of them are.

b)   Some of them are, not all.

c)   None of them cooperate with us.

3. Can you relate with the workshop lessons?

a)   Obviously, it is very much interesting.

b)   I do not find anything similar to my previous knowledge.

4. Would you adopt these ideas and continue working on it?

a)   Definitely.

b)   Not yet decided.

c)   Never will I do that.

5. How long have you been at this workshop?


6. How much would you rate its effectiveness, out of 10?


7. Please suggest areas of development?


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