Work Evaluation Form

Work evaluation form is a pre-developed layout which outlines the document used for evaluating any ongoing or earlier work process. Such a document helps to analyze the potential of the work and upcoming prospects could be realized through it.

Sample Work Evaluation Form

Name of the organization_______________________

Nature of work which is evaluated _________________

Evaluation process carried out by ______________________

Date on which the evaluation is conducted _____________________________

Please mark all the answers carefully by thoroughly studying the questions, as your response is valuable to us for improving the status of work process:

1. Do you the work process fulfill the nature of work it claims to deal with?

a. Yes, definitely

b. Work process greatly depends upon the scope

c. No It did not fulfill entirely

2. Do you think the work process need to be improvised to exist on the present market?

a. It is highly required

b. I guess its fine

c. A little bit of improvement can assure better result

3. Is there any lack of resources on the ongoing work process?

a. Yes, not much adequate resources available for continuing the work process

b. Resources availability depends

c. No not at all, resources are quite adequate

4. Do the work process offers ample exposure to various challenges and opportunities?

a. It has got nothing new in it.

b. Depends upon the scope available

c. It offers the best opportunities and tough challenges which requires high efficiency and skillfulness

5. Rate the overall work process on a scale of 10 _____________________

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