What is the Importance of Employee Evaluation?

Employee evaluations are documents which identify the merits and demerits of an employee and provide a site of improvement. They are period evaluations of the performance of an individual associated with or employed in a company, in a certain capacity, and they are a key source of guidance in case of questions on promotions, increments etc. Their importance is myriad and employee evaluations must be written only after thorough research and insight on an employee’s skills and performance. Some of the ways in which employee evaluations are extremely handy are as follows:

  • Employee evaluations are the yardstick by which the performance of an employee can be measured and documented. They provide a useful source of information about the employees of a firm, their skills, flaws, performance record etc.
  • They can facilitate a healthier interaction between the employer and the employee. The employee evaluation can be made known to the employees themselves so that they can work on improving themselves in the areas where they are considered deficient.
  • They are considered documented evidence of an employee’s performance. In case of any dispute or misunderstanding, they will provide a useful tool for sorting out altercations, as they contain an attire record of the employee’s performance over the years.
  • Employee evaluations are the sign of a healthy and friendly work environmental. It is a necessity in promoting progress and growth, both of the individual employee and the company employing him.
  • Employee evaluations also must fete the employee on his skills, and be encouraging to provide a sense of motivation and inspiration. The employee must be praised when praise is due and urged to work towards higher goals.

Thus employee evaluations are documents which can prove to be extremely utilitarian if they are written well, with honest and encouraging intentions and with skill.

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