What is the Importance of Education Evaluation?

Education evaluations are document which analyze the education system of a certain institution, like a school, college or university. Education evaluations may be carried out by the concerned departments of the government of a place, or by another related institution, or the evaluation may be a self evaluation. Whatever the nature of the education evaluation, it must be conducted in a scientific manner, with reason, logic, precision and alacrity propelling the movement. Education evaluations are extremely critical and some of the uses they may be put to are as flows:

  • Education evaluations are document which identify the merits and demerits of a particular education system, which is the first step towards improvement and ushering change.
  • Education evaluations also come with suggestions of change, which need to be incorporated after careful consideration for the benefit of the system and the institution.
  • Education evaluations which value the feedback of students and teachers associated with the institution, cause greater impact than those that do not. The opinions and views of the people most intimately linked with the education system of a place must be incorporated to create a workable and viable alternative.
  • Education evaluations are necessary when an external agency is conducting the survey. It is often a decisive document in case of granting of funds, expanding of allowances and the likes.
  • It is also conducted by officials associated with the educational institution when deciding on steps to improve the system and amenities provided by the institution.
  • Ultimately, the education evaluation is a needed step to ensure order and transparency as well as discipline in the institution. Period checks are necessary to ensure smooth functioning and the education evaluation serves just such a role.

A well written education evaluation document thus has many functions, and is an important step in maintaining quality.

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