What is Technology Evaluation

Technology evaluation is an important and effective tool for measuring diverse purposes related to the field of technology. This involves evaluation of an existing technology to identify its performance, requirement, longevity etc or interpreting whether a new technology can proof to be valuable for a challenging endeavour or not. However, the varied nature of technology evaluation did not alter the basic points that one must follow while formulating a technology evaluation document. These are follows:

  • At the initial stage of the document, enumerate the details of the authority by whom the particular evaluation is being conducted. This help in gathering potential responses from the respondents, after acquiring proper information regarding the credentials of the authority.
  • The purpose behind soliciting the technology evaluation has to be rightly understood and needed to be depicted by the authority within the evaluation document. This assist in formulating definite and valid questions.
  • Interrogation related to determining factors has to be decided and noted down prior preparing the document so that it becomes convenient for the authority.
  • Ensure to make the evaluation document informative but it should not be irksome so that the respondent lose interest in answering the questions fully. Even, a half-filled appraisal document does not help the authority to draw an actual line of conclusion.
  • Be concise and comprehensive. Always remember that this kind of appraisal document is generally conducted with a sole intention to bring forth new changes in the operation so that it assists the changing demand of the business. Hence, a lengthy appraisal document might reduce the essence or its actual importance.
  • Finally, the document should have high accessibility and readability. These are two most important regulating factors which help in achieving maximum responses. Therefore, one must ensure to use lucid language yet without being much verbose.

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