What is Performance Evaluation

A performance evaluation is a dynamic tool by the help of which the performance of an individual could be measured by the concern authority. For example, such document is presented to the school and college students for gauging the status of the institute and vice-versa or to the employers for gauging the performance of the employees etc. There are many other related purposes where this appraisement document is used for evaluation.

However, despite of the kind of content and objective of the particular performance evaluation, it has to be constructed with a professional approach so that maximum responses could be achieved. Certain factors should be taken into consideration while drafting a performance evaluation, which are as follows.

  • The purpose of the performance evaluation must be focused and specific so that the results obtained could be utilized fruitfully and extensively.
  • The evaluation document must ensure fair assessment by maintaining a transparency throughout.
  • The appraisement document must throw light on the important points and discuss about those areas which requires early improvements. This would guide the concern participant of the evaluation to determine those areas which need immediate melioration.
  • Finally, the document must be incorporated with relevant questions and data (if needed), in order to give it a concise and exact presentation.

One must remember that a well formulated performance evaluation document is essential for obtaining the advantages as below-

  • It serves as a record which could be accessed in future as well.
  • It facilitates a better understanding of the strength and weakness of the concern authority or individual whose performance is to be evaluated.
  • It also helps in making new amendments and decision making which can improve the performance.
  • One of the most important advantages of a well formulated performance evaluation is that it can be a reality check for a slacker and provide credits where it is due.

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