What is Job Evaluation

Job evaluation is being performed for evaluating the various job related purpose of an organization ranging from measuring the effectiveness of a particular or all job position(s) or introduction of new position. Such evaluation is performed for measuring whether the new job position will be worth for the organization or not and sometimes for reviewing the performance of the existing job position. However, a job evaluation can be classified into different types according to its content. Some of the significant evaluation among them is as follows:

  • Evaluation for Job Duties: Sometimes, job evaluation is performed for clarifying or determining the job description by adding or omitting certain functions or duties. Therefore, the report of such an evaluation helps the employee to know what are their actual duties and responsibilities. Such a focused approach helps the employee to streamline the job function and activities more efficiently and effectively. Even, this exactness casts away the ambiguity of a job position.

  • Evaluation for Job Compensation: Everyone associated with an organization anticipates receiving equitable contributions and payments according to their services. Therefore, a job evaluation is a tool by which the authority could decide what compensation should be awarded for a particular job position in relation to other positions within an organization. Also, such evaluation serves the objective of making the pay scale competitive in comparison to an organization’s contemporaries.
  • Evaluation for Decision making/Supervision: Even the supervisory and managerial positions are also in need of job evaluation.  Such an evaluation helps in determining the efficiency and scope of the supervisory or decision making authority. It also helps them to understand the areas which need crucial supervision or decision making.

Despite of the content, the evaluation should always be formulated in a professional, yet gracious, approach so that it is easily accessible to the intended authority.

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