What is Evaluation Form

An evaluation form is a prebuilt layout which depicts systematic method of determining merit, significance and worth. A certain standard is created and this form helps evaluate whether that set is matched. The evaluation form is required in various fields whether it is for business institutions, criminal justice, non profit organization and even health care. The main criterion for an evaluation form is to determine the quality of the particular person or program concerned. There are various purposes to an evaluation form but it prioritizes a monitoring function that encompasses programs and evaluation.  The following guidelines need to be kept in mind while formulating an evaluation form:

  • The purpose of the evaluation form must be very clearly specified so as the applicant is aware of the required criteria.
  • The name and the credentials of the party evaluating needs to be mentioned clearly to ensure authenticity of the evaluation form.
  • The evaluation form can be formative or summative. A formative evaluation form which is used during an on going project and develops strategy to improve it. A summative form is one that draws from previous projects to create a certain expectation of standards.
  • The evaluation form must clearly define what its intent purposes are and avoid as much confusion as possible.
  • The language of the form must be simple and effective. Highly esoteric evaluation forms do not get much response. It is important for any evaluation form to gain the maximum response.
  • The evaluation form is used for future references and records. It is essential to insert future implications in the form.

The evaluation form must be constructed in such a way so as to be authentic and effective in gaining the maximum response. It is important to formulate this carefully for further improvements and changes that need to be made accordingly.

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