What is Employee Evaluation

Employee evaluation is a dynamic process generally exercised by the employers for evaluating the performance status of the employees in an organization. This kind of an appraisal document is used for extensive purposes with an ultimate goal to achieve holistic work environment in the organization. Employee evaluation can be of two types which are as follows.

Employer conducted employee evaluation: For this particular kind of evaluation, the employer conducts assessment process for estimating the efficiency and standard of deliverables of an employee. Such an appraisal document must be prepared lucidly and with an official tone so that it helps in improving the overall performance for the organization.

Self Conducted Employee Evaluation: This is the other kind of employee evaluation where the employee themselves carry out evaluation processes for estimating their satisfaction level regarding the job position. This also serves as a feedback form for the organization to collect the satisfaction stature of the employees associated with it.

Regardless of the content or type of an evaluation, the document must be essentially framed by maintaining certain factors as follows:

  • Declaring the name of the employee along with his or her job position in the company is essential to remain informed about the respondent.
  • The date of conducting the employee evaluation should also be specified as these documents serve as a record for future reference of a company.
  • The questions framed for the evaluation must be purpose oriented and should also consider various aspects associated with its job position and work environment. By this, it helps to understand the area that requires improvement to enhance the overall growth of the company.
  • Finally, the document must be formulated keeping in mind its extensive use for the benefit of the organization.

An employee evaluation document has enormous advantage so it should be constructed in a comprehensive and encouraging way so that it helps in gaining maximum response.

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