What is Education Evaluation

Education evaluation is a dynamic and powerful tool used for systematic estimation of the performance and standard of an educational institute, board or its activities. Such an appraisal helps in collecting responses from a wide range of respondents involved. This helps in bringing changes to the existing educational policies and standards and identifying the loopholes in the system. Hence, for carrying out an effective education evaluation process certain factors have to be followed as enlisted.

  • The purpose of the educational evaluation should be specified initially so that the concern respondents get an idea about the objective of appraisal.
  • The name and credentials of the evaluation conducting organization must be specified so as to establish the authenticity of the document.
  • This kind of evaluation is important for eliminating the loopholes in an education system or process. This process helps to identify such look over areas and helps to bring changes and improvement in them. New educational policies can also be developed by the help of such appraisal.
  • Such a document must try to obtain huge responses so that the result could be the best utilized for the purpose of improving educational standard. Hence, a document with accessibility and high readability is required. This could be achieved by using common communicative language without being much verbose.
  • The educational evaluation document must be focused and thereafter should frame specific questions without being much prolix and effusive.
  • The evaluation documents are generally useful and serve as record in case of any future need. Therefore, this appraisal should also frame such questions considering future implications.

Apart from considering several factors for drafting an effective education evaluation, one must also take care of its two different types namely formative or Summative. Regardless of its type, one should frame such appraisal document carefully along with full authentication.

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