What is a Workshop Evaluation

A workshop evaluation is a document which outlines the manner in which a workshop is to be assessed. Such a document is submitted by the evaluator to the concerned authorities in order to ensure that the workshop followed a prescribed standard, and students attending the workshop received the training they were promised. Thus, a workshop evaluation has many advantages and it should be done only by a professional trained to understand the system of workshops, and the manner in which to assess their benefits. Certain points which are important while framing workshop evaluation documents are as follows:

  • A workshop evaluation must focus on critical areas like innovation, purpose of workshop, number of students being incorporated, fees for attending the workshop, kind and quality of instructors being provided and so on.
  • A workshop evaluation is a document which has many uses and thus, it contributes significantly to the improvement of the existing facilities in the workshop. Evaluators must freely assess both the strengths and weaknesses of the workshop and the training they provide, in a fair, unbiased and critical manner.
  • A workshop evaluation must be conducted by professionals who are aware of the field in which the workshop proposes to train students. The evaluator must be able to assess and judge fairly so that both the merits and the demerits of the workshop can be compiled in the workshop evaluation.
  • A workshop evaluation can be conducted in the form of a questionnaire, a report sheet, a final performance evaluation [used especially for workshops which are conducted in the field of the fine arts and the performing arts]. It should assess each crucial area separately leading to the formation of a clear, thorough and well judged workshop report.
  • A workshop evaluation must aim at improving the quality of training or education offered and to provide students value for the money they will spend.

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