What is a Training Evaluation

A training evaluation is a document which identifies the strengths and weaknesses of a training program, and the education received by a trainee after the termination of the training program. Such a document is extremely useful since it not only allows the flaws and merits of the program to be examined and improved upon, it also allows experts to make a significant contribution to the system of education and training by constantly assessing and reassessing it. Some of the important points which need to be considered while framing a training evaluation are as follows:

  • A training evaluation can be of two kinds. One allows the trainee to evaluate the course himself, and this is usually done by means of questionnaires and review sheets. The training course may also be evaluated by professionals who are well versed in the technicalities of assessing and judging such courses. Secondly, the trainee may be examined by professional authorities and his performance can be taken as an indication of how sound and thorough the training course is.
  • In the first case, the questions in the training evaluation form or questionnaire must be clear and comprehensive so that the candidate or trainee assessing the training course can suitably answer the questions without being confused.
  • In the second case, the evaluator of the training program must be thoroughly knowledgeable in the course so that he may know exactly how to judge and evaluate the trainee, whose performance will be a reflection of the course itself.
  • The training evaluation must be fair and unbiased. It should cover all the important and critical aspects of the course including topics like duration of the course, fee structure, accessibility, results and so on.

Thus, the evaluation of a training course is an important job which is necessary for the overall improvement and maintenance of excellent standards of education.

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