What are Good Evaluation Questions

Employee evaluations are a time to discuss performance management issues. Employees are evaluated based on their professional attitude, their productivity and whether they have met their annual target-objectives. Good evaluation questions should include questions on which the evaluation should focus on. Knowing what are good evaluation questions helps the manager to compare and set priorities. General characteristics of evaluation questions require that they should be specific, quantitative, reasonable, realistic and appropriate to the requirements of the organization.

The questions asked by the managers should give the employees, an opportunity to share their thoughts and innovative ideas. This gives the employees a feeling that their ideas are considered important and appreciated by their employers. During the time of employee evaluations, it is appropriate to ask workers what types of new measures and projects according to them would benefit the company and their departments. If the employees suggest any ideas, ask them how they could be implemented. This sparks interest and motivation among the workers.

Good evaluation questions can contribute to knowledge development. It could be difficult to determine the critical standard to be used, to analyze the level of performance. You may be able to establish the criterion for evaluation, with the help of managers, administrators and other stakeholders. When you determine performance standards, you will be able to make evaluative judgments. Some of the appraising standards that can be used in the evaluation procedures include the following.

  • The goals and objectives of the organization and employees.
  • Data on past performance in order to measure progress.
  • Performance requirements which are considered to be legal.
  • Performance objectives related to administrative level.
  • Cost based performance.
  • Performance based on similar programs.

Questions should be focused on employee’s strengths and weaknesses. It is a good idea to ask the employees to give self-assessment. This requires the employees to speculate about their successes and failures at their task. It encourages them to think of constructive ways to set goals for themselves and improving their performance levels.

Evaluation questions should also be based on the issues faced by the employees. Inquire the employees about the concerns related to the job, colleagues, how they are able to balance their work and life, schedule and organization benefits. Assuring the employees that the discussions made in the evaluation session will be confidential, makes them to speak their minds candidly. Addressing the concerns of the employees makes them feel that their supervisors value them and it helps in better establishing the bond between the employees and the company.

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