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A website evaluation form is designed to provide a proper analysis of the functioning of a particular website and the information given by it. With the increased use of computers and internet now-a-days, web page designing has become extremely easy and can be done by anyone. But the prime factor of any website is the accuracy of the facts it gives and the evaluation report is to assess that.

Sample Website Evaluation Form:

Website name: ________________________________

URL: _________________________________________________________________

Date of creation of the website: _________________

Website created by: ___________________________________________

Contact Number: ______________________________

Evaluation commissioned by: ____________________________________________________

Date of evaluation: ________________

Kindly answer the following questions and help us in proper evaluation.

1. How does the website appear to you?

a)   Perfectly informative.

b)   Entertaining.

c)   Boring

d)   Something like ____________________ [give your views]

2. Are you satisfied with the information provided?

a)   Definitely, it’s very much correct and helpful.

b)   I just read it, have never checked if it’s true.

c)   It’s all meaningless.

3. Is the content of the website recent?

a)   Yes, it gives all current information.

b)   Some of them are.

c)   None of them are recent stuffs.

4. Do you think it’s authentic?

a)   Obviously.

b)   I am not too sure.

c)   I don’t think it is.

5. Do they provide you with innovative materials?

a)   Yes, all the details are new and do not seem to be copied ones.

b)   Some of them are newly written; rest is the same as in other sites.

c)   All of them are copied from other sources.

6. Your feedback: ____________________________________________________________

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