Volunteer Evaluation Form

A volunteer evaluation form is a document that seeks to conduct a survey of the services of volunteers at a particular even, company, organization or program. It is in the form of a questionnaire which is then filled up by persons closely associated with the work of the volunteers and who can authoritatively point out their strengths and weaknesses.

Sample Volunteer Evaluation Form:

Mention the name of event for which the volunteer evaluation is being conducted:


Date on which the event is being organized: _______________________

1. Did the volunteers at this extraordinary charity event reassure you with their knowledge and skill?

(a) Yes. The volunteers did an excellent job in keeping with the stature and magnitude of the event.

(b) No, the volunteers fell short of the expectations the event had created

2. Were the volunteers adept at the following areas which are the most important in an event of this scale?

(a) Crowd control

(b) Guiding guests to correct seats and avoiding confusion

(c) Reassuring elderly and frail guests

3. Were the volunteers patient and courteous to all guests despite the pressure on them to maintain order?

(a) Yes, they kept their calm and maintained decorum and order

(b) No, they lost patience and were rude and curt/

4. How much would you rate the services of the volunteers on a scale of ten?

(a) O 10 4

(b) 5 to 7

(c) 8 to 10

5. Mention some areas where you would like to see some changes as far as the volunteer performance is concerned? ______________________________________________________________________

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