Venue Evaluation Form

A venue evaluation form is a document that addresses the issue of a venue inspection by asking relevant and related questions to organizers, committee members and the common man, all of whom are directly or indirectly related to the venue being evaluated. The layout must be in the form of a questionnaire so that patrons are guided in their answers and the questions asked must be unbiased and objective.

Sample Venue Evaluation Form:

Name of venue: ________________________

Purpose of to which the venue has been used by you: _________________________

Date of venue evaluation: _________________________

1. Have your expectations been fulfilled regarding the venue? Is there a disjunction between what was promised to you and what you finally received?


2. Were the organizers helpful or did you have to face bureaucratic hassles in obtaining the venue and arranging for your program?

(a) Yes, the organizers were extremely helpful and I got control of the venue easily.

(b) No, the organizers were unhelpful and I had to face immense harassment in acquiring possession of the venue for my program.

3. How would you rate, on a scale of ten, the following amenities which the venue offers as part of its package?

(a) Drinking water supply

(b) Air conditioning and room heating services

(c) Space

(d) Temporary accommodation for overnight purposes

(e) State of the art kitchen

(f) Terraced lawns

4. Mention some changes that you would like the venue owners to incorporate: _____________________________________________________________________________

5. Are you satisfied with the venue charges that you had to shell out?

(a) Yes, the price was worth the service

(b) No, the price was exorbitant

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