Vendor Evaluation Form

A vendor evaluation form is a document which poses questions to a certain section of people regarding the service of the vendor group or organization. It is a sort of feedback form that asks for opinions and rating and based on which certain conclusions about the vendor’s services are reached. Therefore, such an evaluation form must ask relevant and critical questions and the results obtained should be carefully studied and documented.

Sample Vendor Evaluation Form:

Name of vendor service: _____________________________

Route number of _________Train whose vendor service is to be evaluated: ____________________

Date of vendor evaluation: ___________________________

1. What is your opinion of the food served by the vendor organization on the train? Did it match up to your expectations?

(a) Satisfactory

(b) Excellent

(c) Dissatisfactory

2. Rate the vendor service on the following points on a scale of ten:

(a) Quality of food

(b) Efficiency of service

(c) Courtesy and helpfulness of staff

(d) Variety of foodstuffs offered

3. Are the vendors careful about those foods that had to deviate from the standard fare in order to ensure better quality for the good health of passengers?


4. Did they concede to customize services for individual passengers?

(a) Yes, they were very considerate and they took into account individual choices and preferences.

(b) Yes they were helpful but they did not accommodate individual demands.

(c) No they were neither helpful not accommodating of individual preferences.

5. Mention some changes that you wish them to incorporate in their daily service of the train. ________________________________________________________________________

6. Would you recommend the vendor organization to your friends, family and acquaintances? _________________________________________

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