U.S Education Evaluation

The U.S education evaluation is clearly a document which outlines the credentials for pursuing studies in the United States of America. Generally such an evaluation is done if an individual is foreign to the country and the State does not have any record of his/ her academic qualifications. It should hence be prepared with utmost perfection of all relevant details, facts and figures.

Sample U.S Education Evaluation:

Revathi Gonzalves

24 years

Graduate in Economic Sciences

Evaluation issued by: U.S Department for Higher Education in Applied Sciences

Date of evaluation: 6th June, 2011

Objectives of the U.S Education Evaluation:

  • It will help the authority to have a clear idea of the student and her academic career and also bring out her flaws, if any, and suggest proper improvement before applying for the course.
  • The student needs to satisfy all eligibility criteria and the evaluation will thoroughly check that.

Kindly provide us with the proper details for the evaluation.

  1. Have you fulfilled all qualification criteria for education in U.S?

a)   Yes, I have satisfied them and checked it even.

b)   Mostly done, but some have been left out.

c)   I am not quite sure of the criteria.

  1. Do you have proper passport, visa and immigration certificate?

a)   I have all these records.

b)   No but I have applied for them.

3.  Are you well versed with the teaching procedure?

a)   Obviously.

b)   I have some basic ideas.

c)   I have no clue of they teach there.

4. The United States Office of Personnel Management has made it mandatory to issue all     necessary documents to the credential evaluation service department. Have you done that?

a)   Yes I have.

b)   Will do shortly.

c)   Sorry but I didn’t know about this. Will definitely do it.

5. Give us your views of U.S. Education:

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