Types of Evaluation Questions

Types of evaluation questions are manifold depending on the nature of the evaluation. Evaluations can be of many different kinds and hence the questions associated with them are also subject to change. Evaluation questions in general need to be pointed, relevant and concise. They should be farmed in a manner that direct and relevant answers can be provided to them. Evaluation questions must be framed correctly as the success of the evaluation depends on them. Some evaluation questions are presented here:

In case of student performance evaluation, questions must be concerned with his or her academic performance and conduct. Some examples follow:

  • How would you rate the presentation completed by the student on a scale of ten?
  • Would you consider him to be concerned about extracurricular activities?
  • In what ways can the student’s performance in Mathematics be improved?

In case of a business evaluation, evaluation questions can be directed as follows:

  • Do you think that given the current cash flow situation of the business, proceeding to a new venture will be profitable?
  • How would you consider the global recession as affecting the viability of new business ventures?
  • How important would you consider government backing in the case of a large scale road construction project?

In case of job evaluation, question could run like this:

  • Would you agree that this position calls for a great deal of team work?
  • How do you relate this position and its responsibilities to your academic background?
  • Why have you decided to go in for this position?

Thus we see that evaluation questions can be of many different kinds depending on the nature of the evaluation conducted.

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