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Training evaluation process is carried out to ensure whether the individuals are satisfied with a particular training program they have undergone or not and through this, they analyze the area that needs improvement. Thus, reviewing a particular training program is essential to understand the effectiveness and acceptance of it. The questions of this particular kind of evaluation have to be designed precisely yet orderly.

The questions related to this evaluation can be of two types namely

Closed ended questions: These questions have multiple choice answer, where one need to rate the level of satisfaction and unsatisfaction in a scale.

Open ended questions: These questions are so framed that one need to answer in detail. Hence, a blank is being provided for answering a particular question briefly.

A training evaluation document might contain any particular type of questions or both the kinds. These questions not only help the students to answer to the point but it also eases the work of the evaluator as they can draw the exact conclusion from precise answers.

Sections that a training evaluation document must include are as follows:

First section must consist of questions related to the instructor’s implemented methods for making the training courses understandable. In this part questions related to instructor’s knowledge, willingness, attendance and class interaction with students is being asked.

Second section must consist of the effectiveness of the training course. Moreover, how the students have planned for implementing it for getting a job.

Keep a separate section for discussing about the learning environment and other facilities that is being required for the successful completion of the training.

Last but not the least; keep a separate section through which suggestions from the students would be collected. This would help to improve the areas that are not satisfactory.

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