Training Program Evaluation

A training program evaluation is a document that studies and analyzes a certain training program. The evaluation process considers a number of related parameters to assess the particular training program and its effectiveness. Hence, the evaluation should be framed in a proper manner in order to include the significant aspects of the training program and the corresponding report of its assessment.

Sample Training Program Evaluation:

Name of respondent: Mark Anthony Stewart

Age: 23 years Gender: Male

Occupation: Software Engineer

Developer at U.S IT SOLUTIONS, Houston

Permanent address: 66, Park Road

San Francisco


Program conducted by: JDH Software Development Centre

12/II, LMG Road, New York City

USA – 822395

Date of evaluation: 16th February, 2012

The following is a training program evaluation and you are requested to kindly help with suitable ratings, as per the scheme mentioned below:

A: Incorrect statement

B: No idea

C: Partially correct

D: Totally correct statement

Kindly tick the correct option as applicable to the evaluation

  • The purpose of the training program is well-suited to my field of study     A B     C     D
  • The methodologies adopted for the training program were perfect               A    B    C    D
  • There was a wonderful interactive faculty for the training program            A   B    C     D
  • The conclusions drawn from the training are helpful for the course            A    B    C     D
  • The training program has helped a lot to hone my skills in this field           A    B    C     D
  • I would join similar training programs and workshops in the future            A    B    C     D
  • The training acquired is appreciable and very synchronized with the course that is to be pursued                                                                                                         A     B     C     D
  • The nature and style of the training program will be highly recommended and spread well among all individuals interested in the program topic                               A     B     C      D

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