Training Evaluation Template

A training evaluation template dishes up as a skeletal framework of a training evaluation document. It is prepared meticulously so that all the factors and criteria relevant to the training evaluation procedure are included in their respective places in the document. The evaluation must be conducted by professionals as the ultimate result would decide the fate of the trainees as well as the fate of the organization.

Sample Training Evaluation Template

Nature of training content evaluated: _____________________________ [Mention the kind of training program evaluated]

Training evaluation commissioned by: ______________________________ [Mention the organization or agency commissioning such a training evaluation]

Date of submission of training evaluation report: _________________________ [Mention the concerned date]

Training evaluation conducted by: ____________________________________ [Name the organization or department conducting the training evaluation. Mention the names of the main members and the team head]

Purpose of training evaluation:

  • Purpose 1: _________________________________
  • Purpose 2: _________________________________
  • Purpose 3: _________________________________ [Enlist the benefits that will be procured through this training evaluation]

Techniques used for training evaluation:

  • Technique 1: ___________________________
  • Technique 2: ___________________________
  • Technique 3: ____________________________ [Mention the methods of evaluation adopted in this training evaluation]

Factors considered in training evaluation:

  • Enjoyment of the trainees: ___________________________________
  • Production levels: __________________________________________
  • Accidents committed on job/work: _____________________________
  • Wastage of energy expenditure: ________________________________
  • Interpersonal relationships: __________________________________
  • Leadership qualities: ___________________________________ [Mention how each of these factors affected the training evaluation]

Training evaluation report compiled by: _____________________________ [Provide the relevant details of the person/persons]

For more information please contact: _______________________________ [Provide the contact numbers]

Please see the enclosed document for more details on the result obtained.

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