Training Evaluation Format

A training evaluation format is an important tool of preparing and formalizing a training evaluation report. It is required by any organization wanting to find out the effectiveness and adequacy of their training programs. It is a clear indicator if the trainee has acquired the desired level of expertise and knowledge expected of him.

Sample Training Evaluation Format

Training evaluation commissioned by: _____________________________________

Training evaluation conducted by the department consisting of: _____________________________________________________________________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph must identify the nature of educational course and the purpose of the training evaluation. It must provide the relevant details of the organization carrying out the training evaluation. Since training programs are costly affairs, the evaluation should be conducted by experts. The method of evaluation must be mentioned whether it is ensued through comparison of workers with and without training in the same work or the same group of workers before and after reception of training.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph must mention the factors affecting the specific objectives of the training evaluation. It must indicate the training criteria and usefulness of the training content used in the program. The production rates before and after the training must be specified along with the amount of resource wastage post-training. It must also highlight the improvement or change observed in social and leadership skills in the trainees after the training programs.

Third Paragraph: The third paragraph must give an overall conclusion of the entire study and state the inferences of the findings. It must lay out the directions of how to improve, modify and prolong the training program for use in the organization.

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