Training Evaluation Form

A training evaluation form is a document that provides a set of questions and queries to be answered so as to determine the effectiveness of a particular training course being done by some individual. The form should include feedback from the trainee so as to give a hint of the areas where the process might be lagging, which the trainer and the respective organization can take care of.

Sample Training Evaluation Form

Name of trainee: ______________________________________________________

Age: _____ years

Sex: _________ [M/ F]

Training being done in: _____________________________________ [course name]

Name of trainer: _______________________________________________

Organization name: ______________________________________________

Evaluation conducted by: _______________________________________________________

Date of evaluation: ________________

Kindly mark the proper options, as our evaluation is solely dependent on your responses.

1. Is the training course satisfactory?

a)   Definitely.

b)   Partially

c)   Not at all. It is way below my expectations.

2. Is your trainer interactive?

a)   Very much. We have regular doubt-clearing sessions.

b)   Not much but I’m fine with it.

c)   Not at all.

3. Are you all given lectures and notes on the subject for further reference?

a)   Yes, we do get sufficient of them.

b)   Sometimes they give.

c)   No, we are just given field training.

4. Is the training area sufficiently equipped?

a)   Yes, it’s just perfect.

b)   I guess they should get some more devices.

c)   No, it does not even have the basic equipments, except for some two or three.

________________________________________________________________ [mention what you have and what you don’t, in case your answer is (b) or (c)]

5. Is your trainer regular?

a)   Very much regular.

b)   He does go for leave at times.

c)   No, most of his classes are taken by his assistant.

6. How much will you rate the course, out of 10?


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