Tips on Writing your Performance Evaluation

Many well established organizations conduct performance evaluations on a periodic basis. Self assessment procedures have become very popular these days and they are helpful to both the employees and the managers.
Here we provide you with useful tips on writing your performance evaluation.

Find out what is required for the evaluation

You should be aware of the specifications and review policies of your department or organization. You should have an idea about how these reviews influence compensation of the employee. If there is ranking, then find out how it is done, what it is based on and who is responsible to conduct it. Find out whether the rankings are linked to organizational level, department level or team performance.

Concentrate on the entire year

You need to include everything you have done in your performance review throughout the year or since your last evaluation. It is better to keep a log of your work from time to time. Write down all the details including date and the particulars of your task. Mention if you have put in extra effort to meet the deadline for a project or taken up extra-curricular activities during the year. You can note it down in a word document or as an email attachment or even as a note on your phone. Make sure that it is accessible easily to you whenever you need it.

Include qualitative and essential information

Specify about your achievements such as resolving defects , saving time for others, decreasing time for a product release are all quantitative, etc. These types of things are good to include in your performance evaluation, as they are comparable and measurable.
Qualitative information is subjective and can be based on people’s ideas or opinions. It includes improvement in personal attributes such as knowledge, leadership skills, team relationships, progress in career.

Set goals

Another best way of writing a performance evaluation is to set some goals for the upcoming year. Organizations have high regard for individuals who have direction and focus on their career, and who show interest in improving themselves.
Consider what you would like to attain in the future, both in the short term as well as long term. The objectives can be efficiency of task, personal attributes like improving your communication skills, technical improvements, etc.

Compare with your last review

You can mention any improvements since your last review by making comparisons. Write about how you achieved your goals the previous year. If you were not able to achieve them, specify how far you were able to achieve and your plans to achieve them in the next year. Try to be as positive as possible.
You can include the comments that you received from your supervisor or human resources manager who gave feedback to you the last time. If any suggestions were given by them on any areas to improve, you can specify how far you have been successful in improving them. This serves as an indication for the company that you’ve met the requests and you strive to become a better person.

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