Tips for writing a Good self Evaluation

As part of annual performance review process, managers and supervisors may ask you to provide an assessment of personal work. Typically, your manager may provide you with a self-assessment form, to be completed before the commencement of review meeting. Your employer may use the self-evaluation form that you filled, for assessment of your job performance. A self-evaluation provides an opportunity to reflect on how you have performed your task specifications. Tips writing good self evaluation will help you in writing your self-assessment in a better manner.

  • Obtain the form of self-assessment of your job for the review process. It will be provided by the HR department or by the supervisor.
  • Before you start with assessment work, collect the necessary documents that will be useful in the process of evaluation like documents or emails which show how and when you completed the tasks assigned.
  • It is better to conduct personal assessment in an environment, where you can analyze your work without any disturbance or interruptions.
  • Review your work honestly to determine how you were able to meet the specifications. Work through all the requirements and reflect on your performance.
  • Specify each task assigned to you and how you fulfilled the objective. Firstly, consider your most important achievements. List out the figures, members of your team who assisted you with the project, percentages and other achievements like positive effect and good comments from clients. Also specify the problem solving techniques that you applied, management and communication with the client.
  • You must list all your accomplishments whether they are average or good. It is a good idea to specify the sentences with positive word or phrase.
  • You should also acknowledge the areas where you need to improve. For instance, if you lack the skill of managing time, you should specify that in your evaluation. You should state that, with appropriate assistance such as training and other resources, you can improve yourself. You should not be afraid to accept your weaknesses or to ask for help. Acknowledging your shortcomings helps you to overcome them. Your employer will get the idea that you show interest towards becoming a better employee.
  • It is unethical to lie or omit vital information. Humble, sincere and honest employees are always valued by the employers.
  • Specify your strengths and advantages and indicate in the end why you need to be promoted or receive a hike in the salary, by providing relevant information.
  • Once you are done with self-evaluation, check for spelling and grammatical errors. Make sure that self-evaluation is written neatly and professionally.
  • You should also see that, the evaluation form is returned to the supervisor within the specified time.

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