Technology Training Evaluation

The technology training evaluation is conducted after a company conducts technology training for the employees in order to adapt to the new technology introduced. This can also be done by institutions who teach their students about various given technologies that will be useful for the given career field. The evaluation is a necessary tool through which the effectiveness of the training program can be measured. This helps to understand whether the training goals have been met and whether the trainees have understood the basics required to operate and/or handle the technology concerned.

Sample Technology Training Evaluation:

The following Technology Training evaluation has been conducted for U & C National Corp. by DUB Evaluators Ltd for the X Technology Training Session.

Date of Evaluation: 3.4.2011

Thank you for your participation in the training program. Please complete the following evaluation form as it will be sent to the Director of Instructional Technology.

1. Were the training goals met during the session?

a. Most of them

b. Some

c. Unclear about the goals

d. Not in the least

2. Was the training session well organized in all aspects?

a. Very well organized

b. More or less

c. A little chaotic

3. Did the instructors help in clearing all aspects of the new technology?

a. Quite clearly.

b. A few areas remain unclear

c. Not at all

4. Was the session useful in imparting the required expertise and professionalism?

a. Strongly

b. Moderately

c. Not helpful in the least

5. Would you recommend this session to your colleagues?

a. Definitely

b. No.

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