Technology Program Evaluation

The technology program evaluation is an important assessment tool through which a business, academic institutions or any firm can determine the effectiveness of a technology-based program newly introduced. This is a systematic approach to the program in order to measure its merit within the given sector. Such an evaluation is useful in government programs as well. The evaluation must take into account the specific purpose for which the program has been designed and whether it is being met and formulate the pattern of evaluation accordingly. The main objective is to ascertain the impact this program has made to the environment concerned and whether it will be feasible to continue with the program or not.

Sample Technology Program Evaluation

The following Technology Program Evaluation has been conducted for Wireless Sun Laptop Co.

Evaluation Conducted by: REMO Analyzers Ltd.

Date: 4.6.2011

Purpose: The technology program has focused on implementing new WiFi systems in the current ZY Laptop Model. The evaluation will determine whether proper instruction has been received by all trainees present.

Has the program been clear about the aims of introducing WiFi?

  1. Sufficiently
  2. More or less
  3. Unclear

Is there any confusion regarding the main purpose of such technological reworking?

  1. No Confusion
  2. Slight Confusion
  3. Very confused

Were the instructors able to explain the usefulness of the new system?

  1. Clearly
  2. Moderately
  3. Not clear at all

Are there any doubts relating to the program?

  1. No doubts
  2. A few Doubts [Please specify: ___________________________________________]

Will this program reach the expected profitable goals as stated?

  1. Most assuredly
  2. More or less
  3. Not sure

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