Technology Evaluation

A technology evaluation is an examination of a certain technology or technological process, by an individual or a team or panel of judges in order to list its merits and demerits. Such evaluations are common especially during the various formative stages of new technological products like gadgets, software, programs and so on. A technology evaluation must be presented in the form of query document which will interrogate on various determining factors and provide a comprehensive opinion on the process or product that is being evaluated.

Technology evaluations are extremely critical when the evaluation if conducted on a product or process before it is launched. This ensures that all the glitches still remaining in the technological product can be removed, and an error free product can be introduced to consumers.

The evaluations must be carried out by informed persons who are qualified to judge the pros and cons of the product or technological process. The findings of the evaluation must be presented in an appropriate manner in order to make the technology evaluation report accessible and transparent.

All efforts should be made to incorporate suggestions and recommendations which can then work towards improving the product. This is the end towards which such technology evaluations work.

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