Technology Evaluation Template

Technology evaluation template is a pre-constructed format used for detailing the responses regarding various technical determining factors. This kind of a document has to be created with special emphasis so that actual and objective specific lineation(s) are written. Moreover, a concise and general template document has to be drafted which can be restored and customized every-time according to the need.

Sample Technology Evaluation Template

_____________ technology evaluation

[Mention the nature of the particular technology evaluation]

Date ____ [specify the date of issuing the particular technology evaluation]

Technology evaluation conducted by: ____________________ [mention the details of the authority by whom the concern technology evaluation is being conducted]

Technology evaluation conducted for: ______________ [specify for whom the particular technology evaluation is being conducted]

Purposes: ______________________________ [Enunciate the aim of the particular technology evaluation so that the respondent could identify the reason behind solicitation of the particular document]

Factors and Corresponding Findings: [Some of factors remain unaltered despite of the kind of technology evaluation.]

  • Technical infrastructure (consider the entire technical network system):


  • Compatibility of existing technical system:


  • Flexibility of the current technical system to perform in a large scale or adapting new features for delivering performance:


  • Reliability and longevity of the concern technical network system.


  • Technology needs are rightly met by the concern authority in order to facilitate smooth functioning.


  • Special Suggestions: [Based on the purpose devote a discrete paragraph seeking suggestion of the respondent regarding the particular technical system.]

For more information contact at ____________ [specify a contact number or address for future reference]

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