Technology Evaluation Report

A technology evaluation report is a record that accounts for the various parameters involved in a certain technology evaluation and its corresponding findings. This type of a document is prepared in the form of a typical report, which gives detailed information of the various factors considered for evaluation of a particular technology and the conclusions that have been drawn corresponding to those very factors. The report should also outline the areas that require development of the technology and should provide necessary suggestions.

Sample Technology Evaluation Report:

Topic for Technology Evaluation: Software evaluation – evaluating software installed in the computers in corporate sectors.

Technology Evaluation conducted by: State Council for Technology and Development

Evaluation commissioned by: Intel Companies Pvt. Ltd

Evaluation Report prepared by: Jane Fredrick [CEO, State Council for Technology and Development]

Robert George [Head of the team for installing the software]

Other staff included: Kelly Gomes, Leslie Paul, Mark Rogers

Purpose: The primary purpose of conducting this evaluation is to gauge the success of computers and modern technologies in the corporate sectors. The software installed in those systems and machines should be such that they will be best suited for the purpose of the company or firm.

Technology Evaluation Report:

Parameters for Evaluation Conclusions drawn Areas of improvement
  1. Introduction and description of technology
The technology has been described well and the significant concepts have been introduced in a clear pattern, for easy understanding. Certain technical jargons have been left unexplained, the list for which has been enclosed herein.
  1. Design and selection of components
The software has been designed to suit the needs of the company perfectly. The characteristics are such that they can perform all the important functions and be useful in ways required by the company. The selection of components has been appropriate.
  1. Applications and performance
The present nature of performance depicts a successful application procedure. Performance should maintain consistency and take notice of the limitations and regulatory issues, as and when encountered.
  1. Cost
The cost of implementing this software is presently high. The cost factor should be considered without compromising with the benefits.


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