Technology Evaluation Format

Technology evaluation format represents the way in which an appraisal document related to the field of technology has to be drafted. Usually, this kind of format denotes the essential lineaments and delivers an idea to the drafter that how those can be arranged sequentially.

Sample Technology Evaluation Format

Details of the authority involved:

The document should initiate with a brief introduction of the authority involved in the particular evaluation process. This must include details of the authority by and for whom the evaluation is being conducted. Establishing credentials at the initial stage help the respondents to answer with confidence.

Purpose of the evaluation:

Following the details, it is also essential to explicate the purpose behind carrying out this particular evaluation. This helps the respondents to understand what kind of answer is generally seek by the authority.  In turn, it would also help the authority to frame questions that are definite and specific to the objective of the evaluation.

Moreover, this section is the indication of how the rest of the document would be drafted as well.

Interrogating section:

Not only the objective of the evaluation which would govern the questions even the data gathered by the authority from earlier evaluations, if any, should also be taken into consideration. This assist in drafting questions from various technical aspects associated with the particular technology in question.

Comments and Suggestions:

The authority should ensure to seek suggestions on various aspects or create provision for the respondent (s) to comment on any subject related to the concern technology.

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