Teaching Assistant Job Evaluation

A teaching assistant job evaluation is an appraisal of potential and qualities of a person as a teaching assistant. The vision and dedication of a teaching assistant would really help to build the perfect environment for teaching and learning. Every educational institute must conduct such an evaluation to make sure the right person is selected for this post. Key skills that must be judged properly while evaluating every candidate include communication skills, ability to build public relationships, management skills etc. thus such an assessment must be designed with utmost efficiency and care.

Sample Teaching Assistant Job Evaluation

Teaching Assistant Job Evaluation Form

Sunflower Primary School

Name of the applicant: Maria Anderson.

Date of evaluation: 25th June, 2012

Respondents are requested to rate the mentioned person’s performance with regard to the criteria given below on a scale of 1-5.

  • Administration
  1. Ability to help teachers to handle test papers and record student attendance:
  2. Typing and filing skills:
  3. Helping teachers to keep track of all classes to be taken daily:
  • Motivational skills
  1. Understanding problems of students and guide them properly:
  2. Ability to motivate and encourage children to manage their difficulties:
  3. Building a collaborative environment among children:
  • Interpersonal skills
  1. Communication skills:
  2. Competence of working as a part of a team:
  3. Competence of helping children with patience, friendliness and care:
  4. Ability to manage a group of children in a proper way:
  5. Ability to deal with challenging behavior of students:
  • Management skills and supervision
  1. Ability to build good relationships with children, parents and teachers:
  2. Leadership skills to prevent negative behavior among children:
  3. Time management skills:
  4. Ability to manage sudden situations:
  • Personal qualities
  1. Good reading, writing skills:
  2. Flexibility to adjust with every situation:
  3. Experience of working with children:
  4. Possessing a creative mind:


1-below average


3-aboe average



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