Teacher Evaluation Form

A teacher evaluation form is a document which aims at obtaining a student’s or a guardian’s impression of his or her teacher. It is extremely important to receive feedback from people associated with a school or college in order to maintain standards of education and address grievances if they are valid. A teacher evaluation form enables this by posing questions which must be relevant, direct and precise. The results of a teacher evaluation form must be given attention.

Sample Teacher Evaluation Form:

Name of teacher: ______________________

Subject taught by teacher: _______________

The following teacher evaluation is an anonymous endeavor. Kindly do not write your name anywhere on this sheet.

1. How would you rate the teacher concerned on a scale of ten?

(a) 0 to 4

(b) 4 to

(c) 8 to 10

2. Is the teacher concerned easily available outside the classroom? Is s/he open to questions being asked in class?

(a) Yes, s/he is easily available outside classroom and s/he has time for our questions.

(b) No, s/he is not easily accessible beyond the confines of the classroom. However, s/he does encourage questions.

(c) No s/he is neither available nor enthusiastic about doubts.

3. Is the teacher proficient in his or her subject?

(a) Yes, s/he is extremely well versed and a good teacher

(b) Yes, s/he is proficient in her subject but not an adequate teacher

(c) No, s/he is neither proficient nor a good teacher.

4. What is your chief complaint against the concerned teacher? ________________________________________________________________________

5. Are you satisfied with the teacher’s performance?


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