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Student evaluation is done by a concerned authority like schools and colleges in order to present a fair and accurate assessment of the progress of a student. They are extremely important in the life of a student as they provide an analysis of his or her skills, capabilities, academic qualities, inter-curricular talents and means of improving weak areas. Student evaluations must include the following details:

Academic progress: The goal of a student evaluation is to chart his or her academic progress since that is a crucial aspect of school or college life. Regular analyses of academic progress must be compounded by reports detailing the corrective measures that can be taken to stem gaps.

Inter-curricular activities: Inter-curricular activities are also important in a student’s life as they hone and sharpen his or her skills in a special area like dance, music or theater.

Behavioral aspects and traits of personality: School or colleges are the formative stages of a person’s life. Hence behavioral aspects must also be keenly observed and assesses. Courtesy, punctuality, organization, neatness etc. are traits that must be inculcated at an early stage.

The importance of student evaluations is as follows:

They facilitate greater student-teacher and parent interaction.

They help create a well rounded and holistic academic environment.

They are useful for both parents and teachers to monitor progress.

They can be later referred to later for guidance and evaluation of progress.

They ensure that mistakes are corrected at the earliest.

They facilitate a healthy one to one between teachers and students.

Student evaluations must be concise and precise. They must address all the issues that might need correctional steps. They must be fair and unbiased. Student evaluations are a crucial part of every student’s life and they must be taken seriously. They are formational and foundational in a student’s life.

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