Student Worker Evaluation

Student worker evaluation is the analysis of the work performance of a student who works within the educational premises in some kind of university job. These are side jobs taken up by students to earn money or pay their tuition fee and also gain some work experience at the same time. Even then, their work has to be evaluated to see if they are doing a good job or not. Some of these workers need to be evaluated because they are doing their internship or the grades they get in their evaluation will be added to their final grades. They are examined on their quality of work, values like punctuality, honesty, hard work, and their knowledge about the area of work.

Sample Student Worker Evaluation:

Name: Roy Richards

Name of university: San Martin University

Address: 392 East Coast Road, Maine

Type of job: Librarian

Review period: 2011-2012

The student has been working with us for a period of 6 months and this is his first evaluation. We have evaluated the students on the following categories with the comments on each section:

  • Work skills: The student has good computer and technical skills and can organize his work very well. He is a good communicator and helps students in solving problems.
  • Soft skills: The student is very punctual, hardworking and has never missed a day of work. He is liked by everyone working here and students alike

  • Knowledge: He is knowledgeable about the work and picks up new instructions very easily

We recommend the student be given more responsibilities and a better pay package for his hard work.

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