Student Self Evaluation

Student self-evaluation is a very essential part of making oneself a better student. Although our teachers, parents and counselors play an important role in helping us take good career and educational decisions, self-evaluation gives us to chance to understand where we stand because we are the best judge of our efforts. The process of self-evaluation gives the student a sense of achievement and they are inspired to work harder when they see their results in front of them. It helps them to understand their abilities and also make any changes in their style of studying so that they can improve their performance. Self-evaluation should be done in a systematic manner to be more effective.

Sample Student Self Evaluation:

Name: Ryan Collins

Grade: 8th

School: St Anthony’s High School

Goals for this semester:

  • To finish studying 1 chapter of any two subjects daily, besides doing homework
  • To improve grades in Math and Science from B- to A or higher
  • To take part in at least one extra-curricular activity competition this semester
  • To join the debate club and be an active member
  • To perform better in PE class
  • To devote more time to English and social science assignments


  • Got better grades in Math and Science                    Yes
  • Better performance in PE class                              Yes
  • Teacher happy with English and social science assignments Yes
  • Have joined debate club                                       Yes

Need to work on:

  • Joined any extra-curricular activities                               No
  • Study 1 chapter of 2 subjects daily                        No

Self-evaluation comments:

  • Need to devote one extra hour for studying 1 chapter of two subjects by waking up early
  • Choose a specific extra-curricular activity and pursue that

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