Student Project Evaluation

Student project evaluation is the process by which a teacher evaluates a project done by a student as part of the school curriculum or an additional project. Projects help a student to do an assignment in an in-depth manner because he or she has to conduct research and also get the opportunity to make the project interesting by using photos, graphics, case studies etc.

Projects can be part of the syllabus and the grades can be added to the final marks or it can be done so that students understand a matter more properly. The evaluation should be done on the basis of the methodology, content and presentation.

Sample Student Project Evaluation:

Name: Laura Morris

Name of institute: Richardson School of Social Work

Semester: 2nd

Evaluation conducted by: Arthur Jones

Designation: Children and Women’s Health Teacher

Presentation topic: Drug Addiction among street children

The evaluation of the student project was done by considering the student’s work on the following areas:

  • Methodology: The student has used a systematic method to gather the data about the topic. He has quantified the data well and represented them in an organized manner
  • Sample size: The sample size is extensive and the student has compiled all their responses properly and integrated it well with the content of the project
  • Photos and graphics: She has taken her own pictures by visiting all these places and has made good graphics to represent the data collected
  • Over-all impression: The content of the project explains the matter very well and is written in a simple yet interesting manner that engages the reader’s attention

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