Student Presentation Evaluation

Student presentation evaluation refers to the examination of a presentation made by a student regarding a particular topic. In many classes, especially higher ones, a student may have to make practical presentations either through PowerPoint or manually, where they pictorially and graphically describe an issue. It can be directly related to the school syllabus or something which the teacher has asked them to do as an extra-curricular activity. Everything taught in school is supposed to be a preparation for future and the evaluation of a student presentation will help the child to make better presentations in the future at his work place too.

Sample Student Presentation Evaluation:

Name: Minnie Williams

Name of school: St Mary’s High School

Grade: 8th

Evaluation conducted by: Libby Adams

Designation: English Teacher

Presentation topic: “Shakespeare and his treatment of women in his plays and sonnets”

The evaluation of the presentation is done on the basis of the student’s performance in the following categories:

  • Knowledge: The student has fair knowledge of the subject. She knows the basic milieu but needs to do more research on the era and the people
  • Expression: She needs to work on her expression and must be more vocal and clear. In future presentations she must speak louder so that it engages the attention of the listeners

  • Confidence: She does not make eye contact and gets very nervous on stage. She needs to be calm and more sure of herself

  • Graphics and pictures: The student has made some very good graphics and pictures to illustrate her points in the presentation

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