Student Performance Evaluation

Student performance evaluation means examination of a student’s performance in studies, sports and behavior in general by a teacher or student counselor. It is very important to conduct evaluation of the student’s performance because it helps him to get a perspective in life and he can make a plan on how to prioritize his studies, find out where he needs to put in more effort and how to make a schedule. The comments of the evaluator are supposed to help him to do better and that way he can be a better student. It also makes communication between the student and teacher clearer.

Sample Student Performance Evaluation:

Name: Andrew Jones

Name of school: St Agnes High School

Grade: 9th

Evaluation conducted by: Mary Jennings

Designation: Class Teacher

Evaluation period: Final semester

The student has been evaluated under the following categories and the comments are supposed to be a guide on things that he needs to develop and work on:

  • Skills: The student is very adaptable and curious to know about new things. He goes out of his way to find out answers and takes initiative in class. He is disciplined and regular.
  • Potential: He has the ability to improve in a lot of areas and needs to have more focus for that. A systematic schedule followed regularly will help him achieve that

  • Knowledge: He is aware of the subjects and is interested to know more and actively takes part in all discussions in the class

  • Problem-solving ability: He is very calm and deals with pressure well. He can deal with problems in a collected manner

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