Student Evaluation Template

A student evaluation template is a document which serves as a guide to the framing of a student evaluation template. A student evaluation is extremely necessary as it gives an idea of his or her performance while indicating means to better that performance and reach higher levels of quality, thus a student evaluation template must be written with genuine care and interest.

Sample Student Evaluation Template

Name of student: _______________________

Class: _______________________________ Section: ___________________________

Roll number: _________________________

Subjects: _____________________________ [Mention the relevant details of the students to identify him or her]


The student’s performance in the following subjects is based on his or her marks in the two unit tests conducted in the year as well as the end semester performance. His or her academic performance is represented by both the actual marks obtained as well the corresponding grades. See the overleaf to find the correspondence between marks and grades.

English: __________________________________________

Mathematics: ______________________________________

Biology: __________________________

Chemistry: _______________________

Physics: __________________________

Computer applications: _______________

Foreign language: ____________________

Physical education: ___________________

Art and craft: _______________________ [Mention the marks and corresponding grades obtained by the student in the various examinations]

Personal Conduct

The following are the grades obtained by the students in his or her personal conduct. Our school places equal emphasis on a student’s behavior and urges parents to consider the grades obtained in this section with care and attention.

Courtesy: _______________________________

Punctuality: ______________________________

Cleanliness: ________________________________

Ability to work independently: ___________________

Respect classmates: _________________________ [Mention the grades obtained by the student in this section as well as mean to improve or better his or her overall performance]

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