Student Evaluation Questions

Student evaluation questions are a list of questions which are asked to students or which are answered by teachers in order to evaluate the performance of the students in their studies, co-curricular activities and behavior in general. By evaluating a student, a teacher opens up a communication thread where he can express his expectations from the student and guide him to do better. It also helps to motivate the student and he can feel comfortable asking for help from the teacher. The evaluation questions should focus on the student’s skills, knowledge, expression, performance, mindset, soft skills etc which will help make him a better student.

Sample Student Evaluation Questions:

Name of student: Jennifer Krupa

Grade: 5th

School: St Anthony’s School

Semester evaluated: 2nd

Evaluation done by: Leslie James

Designation: Class teacher

Please answer the following questions on the student’s performance:

  • How does the student generally behave in the class?
  • Is the student attentive and polite?
  • Does he finish his assignments and homework on time?
  • Is the student punctual and disciplined?
  • Which subjects does he do well in?
  • Where does he get the lowest marks?
  • What problems does the student face in his studies?
  • How good are his writing skills?
  • Does the student take part in co-curricular activities?
  • Is he interested in sports?
  • What are the student’s strengths and weaknesses?
  • Is the student violent or hyperactive?
  • Have you ever talked to his parents?
  • What can you do to improve the student’s performance?
  • Does the student show initiative or interest in class?
  • How is your relationship with the student?

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