Student Evaluation Format

A student evaluation format must identify the various factors which affect a student’s overall performance and subject these to a careful evaluation. It is a document which can take many forms like a report card or a verbal assessment and it is crucial for the growth and improvement of his or her performance.

Sample Student Evaluation Format

Name of the student: ________________________

Class: _________________________

Section: _______________________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph of a student evaluation must begin with an identification of the factors based on which the student evaluation will take place. Such factors can include personal behavior where areas of courtesy, independence, punctuality may be counted.  As far as academics are concerned, they form an obvious aspect of a student evaluation. But many other factors can form a part of a student evaluation. The student may be marked on an individual or group effort like a presentation or a project.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph of a student evaluation must present the evaluator’s opinions about the student on the various factors discussed earlier. They must be as unambiguous as possible and they must be honest and unbiased. They are formative in a student’s growth and must be treated with care. The effort should be too provide informative and informed comments about a student’s performance. The overall performance should be evaluated apart from focusing on individual factors.

Third Paragraph: The third paragraph of a student evaluation must form the conclusion of the whole exercise. The comments made should be summed up and the requisite grade or marks must be awarded.

Date: ________________________

Promotion granted to class: ___________

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