Student Evaluation Form

Student evaluation form is a tool used for evaluating the overall traits of a student which helps to determine their status of their progress. Hence, such a document must highlight questions from all the important traits that are to be evaluated in a fair yet concise approach.

Sample Student Evaluation Form

Name of the student ____________________ document no _________

Name of the institute _________________

Student id no __________________

Date of conducting the evaluation _________________

Name of the instructor___________________

Please mark the following options carefully in order to check a student’s knowledge or efficiency through this class:

1. Do you feel the student can give even better performance in class work than what he/she is doing presently?

a. Yes, there is a scope of doing better

b. Depends on his/her eagerness

c. It is hopeless

d. Performance is satisfactory and needs no specific improvement


2. What is the student’s approach in practical works?

a. Its outstanding

b. Its fine but needs little improvement

c. Its not at all up to the mark

3. How is the student’s work attitude in home assignments?

a. It is being done as it is instructed

b. Sometimes not always, attitude is inconsistent

c. Very poor

4. Do you feel as an instructor that the student has completely gained knowledge from the course as it is to be expected?

a. Definitely, examination performance is outstanding or good

b. May be up to a certain level

c. Knowledge parameter is very poor needs few more classes

5. Rate student’s behavior on class on a scale of 10 ________________

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